Dynamic Test Laboratory

Research of products and services is a continuous process which consists, state of the art equipment and testing procedures that need to be performed with extreme care. For our research and analysis, NAK has a dynamic test lab with advanced equipment to test the viability of seals in various environmental conditions. This provides us with vast knowledge for conducting seal failure analysis, new product developments and further cause of innovation for future seal designs.

The testing methods includes pump rate analysis, durability, low-temperature, torque, contaminant exclusion, salt corrosion, pump rate, dry wear, compatibility test, extreme temperature etc. NAK’s lab also has test rigs that are specifically developed to simulate the seals working conditions as per the requirements of customers. Internal factors such as friction force, under-lip temperature, oil leakage, contamination are regularly verified during a complete test duration cycle to validate the seals performance characteristics.

NAK's Dynamic Test Center has below test capabilities:
1.   Pumping Test
2.   Function Test
3.   Seal Life Test
4.   High Pressure Test
5.   High Speed Test
6.   Valve Stem Seal Test
7.   Power Steering Test
8.   Press Fit Test
9.   Mud Slurry Test
10. Wear Test
11. Salt Spray Test
12. Shaft Lead Test
13. Drag Force Test